Key Equipment

Key Equipment

The company strives to become a world-class supplier specializing in renewable energy electronic control systems and equipments, and create a leading brand of clean energy application and service.

Key Equipment

Commutating and Feedback Unit

Commutating and Feedback Unit

HDM series AFE is the high performance energy saving product developed by strong HITE power electrical platform, using three-phase full-bridge constructed by IGBT. AFE uses high-speed switch of IGBT on/off status to ensure rectification and energy feedback, achieving the bi-direction energy transmission between the power grid and the Inverter DC bus.

Product introduction

AFE is able to feed the power transformed from the kinetic and potential energy of the machine back to the power grid, saving the energy effectively. In the case of rectification or feedback, the voltage and current of electrified wire netting of AFE are sine waveform with few harmonic wave, and the power factor is close to 1. AFE eliminates the disturbance of inverter to power grid, which accomplishes the environment friendly energy consumption. 

AFE is able to feed the energy lost on power resistor in traditional inverter back to the power grid, saving large amount of power and gaining big society and economy profits. AFE also improves the power factor of energy consumption equipment and power grid, which decreases the distribution capacity for customers and working efficiency of distribution system.

AFE is able to promote the energy saving and the harmonious development of environment and resources, creating obvious economy and society profits.

Main features of product

  1. Improve the input power factor of transmission field, decrease the harmonic wave disturbance to the power grid
  2. No commutation voltage clearance produced, no commutation voltage failure
  3. For the unstable power voltage, the voltage on DC bus is still ensured even the voltage lower down to 80% rated voltage
  4. Using Infineon 4th generation IGBT, the power and temperature performance is improved obviously. Dry CAP MPP ensures a long lifetime and wide thermal compatibility without environment pollution
  5. Excellent voltage compatibility to power grid in China, which includes 380V+15%/-20%, 460V+15%/-20%, 690V+15%/-20%
  6. Profibus DP and Can open communication function available, which is able to communicate with upper computer and achieve the monitoring
  7. Phase sequence auto detection, no parameters setting needed
  8. Multi-protection of over voltage, under voltage, grouding failure, motor phase detection, over current, over high temperature, current limitation, phase lost, short-circuit and communication

Application filed

mine winder

the potential energy transformation equipment such as builder's lift, port lift or hoisting machine

dragging type manufacturing test equipment such as dynamometer and locomotive test machine

New energy power industry such as wind power and solar power